Guide to staying fresh at the finish line

Let’s talk about sweat.This natural fluid from our body has always been a perceived as a bad thing. We always have the notion that the more you sweat, the less fresh you are. Not to mention that phrases such as “you sweat like a pig” is one of the worst indications of how unhygienic you are. And don’t even start with unwelcome sweat stains. Ironically, sweat exists to keep us cool and fresh. Without sweat, we will probably just pass out due to too much heat.

Now the question is, how to feel fresh at the finish line, every end of the day,especially after a strenuous activity. Here’s a quick guide to staying fresh.

Sweat is mainly made up of water and salt, among other things. Yes, salt. And the more salty food you eat, the heavier you sweat. This is because water is retained by salt, and excess is expelled through our bodily fluids, including sweat. So the next time you reach for that bag of chips, ask yourself if it’s worth sweating for.

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Thermoregulation. It is the process of regulating one’s body heat. Dogs pant and pigs roll in the mud to keep their cool. For humans, it’s simple.We sweat. Obviously, the hotter it gets, the more sweating occurs. While we cannot control the weather, we still can control how much heat our body makes through our diet. Chili are not called hot and spicy for nothing. Spicy food can make us hot, and not the good kind of hot.

Alcohol makes us hot too. So if your idea of cooling down is with a cold glass of spirits, you’re actually initially warming your body up.


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With all the smelly connotations linked to sweat, here’s an interesting fact. Sweat does not have any scent. What makes sweat seem nasty is the ubiquitous bacteria in our body. And frequent sufferers of body odor are the parts with poor ventilation, such as armpits and feet. So the next time you take a shower, consider antibacterial soaps, and begin the day with deodorants as well.

Now that you’re fresh and clean, keep in mind that clothes made of natural fiber provide more ventilation. Natural textiles, such as cotton, are loosely-knit and encourage more ventilation, making your day easy-breezy.

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Perspiring is so natural and so mundane that we often do not realize the volume of sweat we produce. On average, we emit0.8-1liters of sweat an hour. Now compare that to the amount of liquids we consume.More than smelly sweat, dehydration is not only unattractive, it’s also dangerous. The good news is, 100PLUS is here to the rescue. 100PLUS keeps you hydrated despite heavy activities. Plus, it replenishes not only the fluid your body lost but also the essential minerals and electrolytes we need to keep going. Also a yummy factor is that this lightly carbonated drink comes in three different flavors: Orange Blast, Lemon Lime, and Original.

So don’t sweat it. It is okay to sweat as long you know the tricks to saying cool and fresh despite that.




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