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Blued, a gay dude flirting app from China, picks up 2 million users


Blued, a gay chat and hook-up app for Chinese guys, launched in August 2012. This weekend the startup behind the app revealed that it has now picked up two million users in the country. Of those, 68.3 percent are monthly active users, while 24 percent use the app daily. It has apps for iPhone and Android.

The Blued team also told 36Kr that a similar app is in the works dedicated to China’s lesbians and it’ll be called Pinkd.

Earlier this year, the startup got $3 million in funding to help it grow. The app is not yet focused on monetizing its two million users.

Despite China’s conservative social mores and not much acceptance of being gay, there are quite a few dating apps aimed at this area. There’s Zank, Hong Kong-made Hornet, and the OK Cupid-esque Xunta.


Beware rude taxi drivers, Taksilog is Philippine passengers’ new buddy


For commuters, taking a cab is far more convenient compared to riding jeepneys and buses. Drivers don’t have to make frequent stops to pick up more passengers, and they can use shortcuts unlike jeepneys and buses who have a set route.

Despite this convenience, instances of theft, malicious intent, and just plain discourtesy still happens. It’s become habit for Filipino taxi passengers to send via SMS the plate number of the taxi they boarded to a friend or family member in case something unfortunate happens.

Enter Taksilog, a mobile app that lets users log their taxi riding experience. This new taxi-centric app is not about hailing cabs. Instead, it lets users inform their family and friends about their taxi experience.

How? Basically, after the user has signed up, the first thing they need to do is to add their personal contacts that they want notified if they ride in a cab.

When a user is about to ride a cab or has just exited on, he or she can enter the plate number of the vehicle. This will then push the app to notify the users via SMS or email.


Even though the app’s functionality simply centralizes a habit that many Filipinos already practice, it sets the stage for more sophisticated features in the future. Moving forward, the Taksilog team hopes to add driver reviews, integration with the regulatory board and a panic button.

Taksilog is available for download on Android. It will also soon be available on iOS by the end of the year.