Blued, a gay dude flirting app from China, picks up 2 million users


Blued, a gay chat and hook-up app for Chinese guys, launched in August 2012. This weekend the startup behind the app revealed that it has now picked up two million users in the country. Of those, 68.3 percent are monthly active users, while 24 percent use the app daily. It has apps for iPhone and Android.

The Blued team also told 36Kr that a similar app is in the works dedicated to China’s lesbians and it’ll be called Pinkd.

Earlier this year, the startup got $3 million in funding to help it grow. The app is not yet focused on monetizing its two million users.

Despite China’s conservative social mores and not much acceptance of being gay, there are quite a few dating apps aimed at this area. There’s Zank, Hong Kong-made Hornet, and the OK Cupid-esque Xunta.


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